About the RLM Company

IE Business Edge’s parent, RLM Company, is a multi-title publishing firm located in Riverside, CA.  Founded nearly five years ago, RLM Co. is known for quality publications that speak to their audiences.  Recognized as the top publisher in 2019, we have turned our attention towards the business community.  We partner with the local universities, business support agencies, and chambers of commerce to bring forward what is happening here in the Inland Empire.  We are excited to be working in this space alongside our fellow businesses to make the IE a powerhouse business hub capable of competing with any region.

About the IE Business Edge

The IE Business Edge is a source of relevant information as well as a tool kit that can be applied to do more and better business.  We serve up what business owners seek: help, advice, and support.  Our content is sourced from local experts who are available to connect with directly.  If it’s not informative and actionable, it will not appear on our pages.

About Our Publisher

Norm Pelzer has lived in Riverside nearly his entire life and is committed to the continued growth and success of the City and region that he grew up in and loves.  He brings decades of corporate and entrepreneurial business experience to the community and has consulted with countless small business owners in the Inland Empire. His efforts have culminated into the new IE Business Edge magazine.   

“I want to produce a meaningful monthly magazine from which fellow business owners and leaders can learn, expand, and collaborate to grow their business.”'
- Norm Pelzer, Publisher