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IE Business Edge is not like typical journals, magazines, or newspapers. We are a cut above with a singular focus on providing guidance, success stories, and cutting-edge information to help our readers offering the tools and ideas they need to grow their business.

  • 10,000+ Copies Mailed to IE Businesses

  • 1500+ Chambers of Commerce Members Reached

  • 1000+/- Special IE Events

  • Dedicated Small Business Focused Social Media Page

  • National IE Business Edge Website

Why Magazine Advertising?

Attract new customers and promote repeat business through the unique benefits of magazine advertising. Magazine advertising allows businesses to target their ideal customer, gives credibility to business far beyond fleeting digital advertising, and provides advertisers with focused readers who are physically holding their content without multitasking on a device.

Magazine Advertising works because:

  1. Businesses can narrow B2B marketing with precision.
  2. Companies gain a regional focus while supporting local business.
  3. Print advertising has a long shelf life.
  4. Magazine readership grows long after the publish date.
  5. Brand loyalty is greater in trusted publications.

Why Advertise in the IE?

Businesses throughout the Inland Empire rely on the IE Business Edge to provide a stage and audience perfect for their offerings. Build your brand with more than 10,000 data defined business owners. From small up-and-coming start ups to larger established businesses, all companies can benefit from advertising their products and services in the Inland Empire.

According to UCR Research:

  1. The IE is outpacing the State in employment growth.
  2. IE wages have been steadily rising.
  3. Wage growth in the IE is showing the health of small business.
  4. Demands for office property and warehouse space have grown.
  5. Median household income reached $73,260 in 2019, a 28% increase over 2014 levels.
  • Dexterous Media Group, Inc. is proud to participate in the inaugural issue of the IE Business Edge Magazine.  As a creative media-based digital marketing company, we recognize the value of diversified advertising media and always recommend targeted print media to our clients. IE Business Edge is the perfect partner to advertise to the growing Inland Empire region.

    Alan Brown, Founder and CEO
    Dexterous Media Group Inc.

Advertise to readers who are:

Discovering more about successful businesses and their journeys including missteps, victories, and revelations.

Searching for meaningful market data that is actionable for planning purposes.

Learning about cutting-edge technologies and strategies that businesses use to enhance their competitive edge.

Wading through the myriad of marketing, advertising, and promotional choices other companies are using, to help decipher the true best fit for their company. 

Reading about shared individual challenges that fellow owners are facing, such as fear of failure, self-limiting beliefs, and other challenges holding them back.

Searching for a platform for connecting and collaborating with other businesses to better expand new growth opportunities.

Why Advertise in the IE Business Edge?

Magazine readers are more receptive to ads than visitors of web sites or TV viewers

91% Of US Adults Read A Magazine In The Last 6 Months, As Have 95% Of Adults Under The Age Of 25

RLM Company

IE Business Edge’s parent, RLM Company, is a multi-title publishing firm located in Riverside, CA.  Founded nearly five years ago, RLM Co. is known for quality publications that speak to their audiences.  Recognized as the top publisher in 2019, we have turned our attention towards the business community. 

We partner with the local universities, business support agencies, and chambers of commerce to bring forward what is happening here in the Inland Empire.  We are excited to be working in this spaces alongside our fellow businesses to make the IE a powerhouse business hub capable of competing with any region.

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  • 10,000 + Direct Mail
  • 1500+ Chambers of Commerce
  • 1000+/- Special events
  • Dedicated Social Media Pages
  • IE Busines Edge Website


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